Allow me to introduce myself,

The 715 area code is more than just a sequence of numbers. It’s history. It’s a lifestyle. The 715 is the bars, the music, and the art. It’s the food, the streets, the weather, and the people. It’s big chunk of Wisconsin that myself, and I’m sure many others, are happy to call home!

Admittedly, I’m not a born-and-raised 715’er. I’ve lived here for half a decade as a student, a photographer, a bartender and a barfly, and more (not necessarily in that order). In that time, I’ve fallen in love with everything the Chippewa Valley has to offer. I’ve bought in. In return, Eau Claire and the surrounding area has paid out RIGHTEOUSLY with the best experiences, meaningful relationships, and 5 years of life that I’ve loved living!

Welcome to “My 715”, where I’ll be sharing quintessential 715-ittudes. I’ll be bar-talking my way through the valley and sharing those tales of adventure with you. As I am a self-proclaimed “photographer”, so expect plenty of photos and videos to compliment my attempts at writing. These pieces will be paying respects to the places we all know and love, uncovering hidden gems, and making new friends who will undoubtedly have stories worth sharing!

With that out of the way, I’m excited to start sharing my experiences with you! 

As for my next post, I’m reluctant to hint at future pieces. But I’ll leave with this.

I’m feelin’ lucky.

Cheers, 715

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