Shifting Deer Season Memories

With deer season upon us and with a new baby, there are more thoughts and feelings weighing on my heart. 

I pride myself in being a woman who hunts and has hunted for almost 20 years now, which seems crazy when I actually think about how long it’s been. 

I have to remind myself this is just a season of life. Even though I wasn’t able to go out opening morning at sunrise, I will be able to do that next year. I also have to remind myself this isn’t an all ending deal. 

There is just something about sitting in that stand in the still of the early morning that really challenges a person. In this very busy day and age it is nice to get out into the woods, however challenging it can be to sit there. When you don’t see any deer it gets even more challenging. I like those challenges and that’s part of the reason why I am sad I won’t be able to go out all day during opening weekend this year. 

I share some more sentiments on deer season and what it means to me on my blog. I am already looking forward to next year where my little guy will be older and I will have a better chance of making it out for a longer period of time during the opening weekend of deer season. 

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