What Planner or App are You Using in 2022?

For someone who loves the capabilities of technology as much as I do, I bet most people would guess that I strictly use digital planning tools. So it may be of surprise that I actually love a combination of paper planning tools and digital.

Why I love digital:

  • Accessible anywhere I have my phone
  • Instantly add appointments
  • Can make notes that share across my phone, watch, iPad and laptop
  • Apps that remind you of tasks and dates

Why I love paper planners:

  • The tangible task of writing dates and to-dos helps me remember them
  • Seeing everything all at once right in front of me
  • Great for making notes that happened in the past, as well as, in the future
  • Helps hold daily goals accountable by checking them off

What tools do I use?

Digitally I love that all of the Apple products share with each other. Between the to do list, calendar and notes I’m accessing them on one piece of technology throughout the day, all day long. My Apple Watch has the appointments for the day showing on the screen so I know what’s happening and when. Previously I was using the app called To Doist. Now they make you pay for some features that I loved which started me on the search for a new app to use. I also like that I can share a list with my husband. We both share a list for groceries.

My search for a paper planner has been quite extensive. As a busy working farm mom I wanted a lot of specific things in a planner for the year. It’s more of a household planner. Some items I keep track of in my planner are: food allergy reactions for my son, bills and expenses, daily and monthly goals, and appointments. Plum Paper planners are the brand I chose to go with. You can totally customize every piece of it. In mine I included a section for blogging and social media management. It you are multi passionate like myself, check out this brand of planners.

What apps and tools do you use for keeping yourself organized for the year?

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