How to Dress Like a Mom


If I had to describe my style to someone I would say evolved emo. I have better hair and my makeup skills have improved. Society puts so much pressure on moms to act and look a certain way. I definitely get stares in the school pick up line or when we are just out and about. I even had a little girl come up to me at the farmers market to tell me she liked my Halloween costume. It was August and I was wearing my normal clothes.

Here’s the thing: I wear what I feel good in. I went through a phase when Trent was first born where I did and wore what people wanted me to. I lost myself. I didn’t think anyone would take me seriously as a mother or in my career if I looked the way I felt the best. When I finally snapped out of it and became myself again my career took off and I felt much happier.
Who cares what Karen from the PTA meeting thinks. Your tattoos, piercings or clothing choices don’t affect how good of a parent you are. Don’t conform to who you think people want you to be.

All in all, be the amazingly weird parent you are. The next time I see you in the school pick up line I will be sure to say hello.

Talk soon,


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