How to Get a Bikini Bod

Now that the weather is FINALLY warming up you may be anticipating summer. Bikini season. It’s about this time of year people start a new diet and exercise regimen to get the perfect bikini bod to flaunt at the beach. Maybe for you it’s just a body you don’t feel completely disgusted by when you look in the mirror. I understand 100%.

Can I tell you my best kept secret to get a bikini bod? Ready? It’s life changing, I swear. Step 1: Buy a bikini. Step 2: Wear it. That’s literally it. Magic right? I can feel you rolling your eyes right now, but it’s true. We spend so much time staring at ourselves in the mirror and hating what we see that we forget to enjoy the time we have right now at this moment. No amount of diet and exercise is going to make you love yourself. That has to come from within.
Let me put it this way. Your kids that are begging you to go to the beach and go swimming with them are only this age for so long. You can either refuse to go in the water and sit wrapped in a towel and watch from afar OR you can say “screw society’s beauty standards” and be in the water enjoying a beautiful day with your kids. I have missed so many moments I will never get back because I was worried about how I looked to other people. To tell you the truth, no one cares how you look because they are so wrapped up about how they look​​ to even pay attention. If they are, they are miserable and trying to project their negativity on you. Pay them no attention and SHINE QUEEN.
Stop missing moments. Stop hating yourself. Stop talking down to the beautiful body you have. You only have one and it has done incredible things. If you have stretch marks, show the tiger stripes. You earned them. Cellulite? Everyone has it. Rolls? My favorite is cinnamon. Enjoy your summer you BEAUTIFUL being!

Talk soon,


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