Fall Activities for the Whole Family

It’s fall y’all! Autumn is my favorite time of year. The weather is getting cooler, the kids are back in school and the smell of the crisp, fresh air always makes me feel so cozy. Not only that but there are so many fall activities.

Apple or Pumpkin Picking

Apple orchards are my favorite place on this entire planet. There is something about the smells and sights that just make your soul happy. Plus, who doesn’t love fresh apple cider with some cinnamon sticks on a cool autumn evening? Lucky for us, this area is littered with apple orchards and pumpkin patches. Most have wagon rides and corn mazes to keep the kids entertained while you stock up on the goods. My favorites are Autumn Harvest Winery, Fergusons and Valley Pasture Farm & Pumpkin Patch.


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Bake a Pie

One of my fondest memories from when I was a kid was baking apple pie with my grandma. She is the queen of making the perfect pie crust. Perfectly light and fluffy every time. Baking pie can be a great activity to bond with your kids and create memories. If you have never made a pie crust before I suggest trying it. The kids will love rolling out the dough and the smells that will fill your home while it’s baking are to die for.

Peep at the Changing Leaves

Whenever people ask why I live in a state where your face hurts when you go outside in the winter I simple say, “the leaves.” The colors in the fall are indescribably breathtaking. You can go for a nice hike at Lowes Creek or a drive around in the car. If you’re feeling adventurous I recommend driving further up north. You won’t regret it.


Fall Festivals

Fall festivals are always so fun. Live music, vendors, food and it’s not so hot outside that you’re miserable the whole time. Lucky for you this weekend is the Eau Claire Fall Festival. It’s September 10th from 11am-5pm on Barstow St. There will be tons of musicians, food trucks and vendors lining the streets and tons of kids activities. For more information visit http://www.visiteauclaire.com


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