Behavior Problems in School

When Trent first entered preschool that’s when his dad moved across the country and he started struggling. Adjusting to school was extremely difficult for him. Luckily he had the most amazing teacher in the world. I am convinced she was the most patient woman I have ever met. Now with the move to a new school this year he has been struggling once again.

Why am I telling you this? I think it’s important for other parents to read this. When you have a kid who is struggling with something internally or has ADHD it can make you feel like a failure as a parent. You can feel like the teacher or the other parents are looking down on you and your family. It can feel extremely isolating. You are not alone.



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The best thing you can do is be open and honest with their teacher. Come up with solutions together. Stay in touch so we can have a plan if something isn’t working. ADHD doesn’t mean your kid is brat or stupid. They just need a little extra direction and that’s ok. Actually, kids with ADHD usually have above average intelligence and are oftentimes very creative and skilled at thinking outside-of-the-box. Play into their strengths to help them succeed.

There are so many other parents feeling the same way that you are right now. I’m one of them. I promise you that you are not failing. Keep your chin up and go remind your amazing, intelligent ADHD child that you love them.


<3 Bri