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In the world we live in today social media has become a standard of everyday life. Kids are ranking their coolness on how many followers they have and parents everywhere are judging how well they are doing at their parenting job based off of what they see influencers or family and friends posting online. I could be one of those “we need to get rid of social media” people, but I’m not. My career choices have made it so I can’t avoid it. Whether it’s for advertising my business or even this blog, I use it daily.

Want to know the trick to not letting social media consume you and your kids? You literally have to change your mindset and boost your kids self esteem. Obviously that is way more difficult than it sounds.

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Be involved with your kids and keep an open dialogue. When you have honest conversations with your kids they are more likely to be open with you. Remind them how creative and loved they are every day. Social media can destroy your self esteem. Be the parent that builds it back up, and always remember that nothing it what it looks like. I can speak from experience that what people post online will most likely not be reality. That perfect couple? Probably not so perfect. Those perfect kids? I promise no kids are perfect. That super model looking mom who got her body back after three kids? Filters, editing and possibly some body image issues.

Know what’s crazy? If someone you follow makes you not feel good it’s SO easy to hit the unfollow button to better your mental health.


<3 Bri

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