4 Ways to Declutter (without being a total buzzkill)

Happy new year! New year, new you. Let’s start with decluttering your house, because we all know that after the holidays it’s a disaster. I am not shaming you. I’m in the same boat, so let’s do this together. Here are 4 simple ways to declutter your house and kid’s rooms without being a complete buzzkill.

Label Bins

I used to think that just buying a bunch of organizing bins would solve all my problems. It doesn’t. The trick is labeling them or your kids will just throw toys into whatever bin is closest to them at that moment in time. We have bins for legos, LOL dolls, PJ mask toys, art supplies etc. Your kids will have zero excuse to blame you for whatever missing toy they lost that day.




I know our kids get an obscene amount of toys every year for Christmas. Our house is huge, so there is no reason they shouldn’t be able to fit their toys in their rooms. Every year before or after Christmas we go through every single toy and decide whether to keep or donate. After the first few tries I promise it will get easier for them to let go of things. What did Marie Kondo say? If it doesn’t bring you joy get rid of it? How about, if it doesn’t fit in your room say buh-bye.




To make the blow of donating their toys more bearable you can rearrange or redecorate their rooms. Sometimes when you just move things around it can make their space seem new and exciting. Plus, maybe now that five foot doll house will fit.

Stuffy Net

Honestly, stuffed animal nets are the best things to ever be created. Why do kids insist on collecting 500 stuffed animals they never even play with? They just sit on their bed until they have so many they take over their entire space. Kind of like that friend we all let crash on our couch when we were 20. Just me? Ok. You can get a cheap stuffy net on Amazon and it saves SO much space. Maybe your kids will be able to fit in their own beds again.



I hope these tips help you declutter your home this new year.