Meg Ann Lee: Fall Fashion Must Haves

Besides the leaves changing, pumpkin carving & over priced seasonal coffee drinks, one of my favorite things about fall is layering up my wardrobe! So lets talk fall fashion trends.

Flannels. I know, its been done but the 90’s have been coming back HARD and I’m all for a grungy punk outfit. Over sized flannels can be the most versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. They can be layered under a jacket or around your waist with a graphic tee, tucked into a skirt, or worn with leggings. They’re a simple staple everyone should own!

Beanies. Once October hits it’s beanie season for this gal!
In Wisconsin, October means winter, it literally snowed this week!!

The audacity.

I was going to let you in on a fun fact and say “you lose the most body heat through your head” BUT did you know that is a medical myth!
If you are looking for a beanie company that also gives back check out Love Your Melon! This company gives 50% of their net profit toward nonprofit organizations around the world that lead the fight against pediatric cancer. How cool!

Anyway, Beanies are fashion and function in one! Here are my go to beanies this season.

Leggings. We know leggings can come in all shapes and sizes and quality is usually mediocre but my RIDE OR DIE are the Faux leather Spanx leggings . They come in multiple styles, colors and seriously hide all the extra fall sweet treats I’m eating after dinner. If you are looking for a more affordable dupe Target is your store!

Last but not least, Scarves!
Scarves are for sure on of my favorite items to wear in the fall and winter season. You can switch up a whole outfit’s vibe with the right scarf; Chunky, Bandana, Blanket, Cable knit or Pashmina.
You do you. <3

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