Local Podcasts

The Man Cave Football Podcast

Dan Kasper gives you his analysis and thoughts on everything in the world of football, while also having some fun topics to discuss and banter. No boring discussions here! And sometimes, Dan even has visitors to the man cave.

If you like a little serious football talk mixed with a little fun football talk, this is the football podcast for you!

Extra BP

Not your typical Milwaukee Brewers podcast.

Mid-West Farm Report

715 News Makers

This series features the tangled paths we take when searching for the goofiest pieces of information. Murph may illustrate, for instance, how he started by wanting to find out more about Hippos but later stumbled into a story about a Circus Elephant on the loose in Eau Claire.

Hey! That's My Band!

This podcast highlights local, regional, & national indie/unsigned bands/musicians, and DJs! Hosted by Scorch of Eau Claire's 92.9 The X.

Scorch's Sloppy Seconds

Catch celebrity interviews, and everything you missed on Scorch and the Morning X.

Passion Pod

An inspirational storytelling experience featuring unique guests that are also pursuing their passions.