By Brianna | June 29, 2022
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There have been huge debates over how to properly discipline your kids for as long as humans have existed. When…

Legends of the 715: Vern Fuller

By Dan Kasper | June 28, 2022
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We know the 715 has a rich history of baseball and baseball players. Let’s add another name to that list.…

Oatmeal Butterscotch Scone/Acoustic Café

By Luc | June 27, 2022
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What is something “for sale” that perks you up, but might turn off another? I can be an oddity, it…

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How To Improve Your Social Media Content

By Meg Ann Lee | June 26, 2022

Social media has changed our day to day lives. Social apps are how we digest news, shop for items, and…

Father’s Day Gift Guide

By Meg Ann Lee | June 19, 2022

Its Father’s Day! This week I put together a gift guide for any of the fathers in your life. So,…

The Music Festival Essentials You Need This Summer

By Meg Ann Lee | June 12, 2022

  Picture this; you are standing in line at a music festival. The excitement is real, but, your makeup is…

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