Mysteries of the 715: Elmer Bowman

It’s one of the area’s oldest mysteries:

What happened to Elmer Bowman?

It was December 2, 1906. 12 year-old Elmer was ice skating on Dells Pond in Eau Claire. It was a rather warm day for December, with it being reported to be 38 degrees and the sun was out according to an article in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram.

This was the last time anyone had heard from or seen Elmer. It was and is widely believed he drowned in the river that day, but no body has ever been found, which has lead to the question: What exactly happened to Elmer on that December day?

An article from 1906 reported that Elmer was seen following two boys along the ice. No boys ever came forward saying they were with Elmer that day.

Elmers father offered a a reward of $15 for the recovery of Elmers body. It also stated in that “Mr. Bowman is not a wealthy man, but intends to do all in his power to find his lost son”

For what it’s worth, Elmers father reportedly visited fortune tellers who told him that Elmer was alive.

So what happened to Elmer? If he drowned in the river, what happened to his body? And what about those two other boys he was spotted with? Who were they?

It’s a mystery that has gone unsolved for 100 years.

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