Mysteries of the 715: Elk Mound Tower

You ever drive by or through Elk Mound and see that tower that sits high above, overlooking the village? It’s pretty hard not to notice it. It’s a unique structure here in the 715. And with a unique structure, comes many rumors, legends, and lore.

The tower was built as a memorial to the deceased rural letter carriers of Dunn County. But visitors to this tower have reported many different types of phenomena from the tower site.

Stories and reports range from howls, screams, children crying, and creepy laughs. There’s even reports from people who climbed the tower saying they became sick to their stomach after leaving the area.

Drivers on the road where the tower is also have reported seeing weird lights and mists.

But perhaps the craziest story or rumor that involves the Elk Mound Tower is that some say there is an actual dragon buried beneath the tower.

The Elk Mound Tower is definitely one of the most unique structures in the area and a lot of times with unique structures comes unique stories. Perhaps some of it is true or perhaps none of it is. That’s why it will probably always remain, a mystery.

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