Mysteries of the 715: A Reptile Man?

You ever see the movie “Jeepers Creepers”?

It’s kind of horrifying to imagine a “thing” the size of a man flying around that looks like a reptile.

But, what if it were true?

For this next mystery of the 715, we’re going to my neck of the woods and where I grew up, Medford, Wisconsin.

I remember first hearing about this story when I was in high school working on a project i my high school astronomy class. And it’s even mentioned in the book “Weird Wisconsin”.

Here’s how the story goes:

It was in the 1990s when a Wisconsin DNR warden was traveling on HWY 13 just south of Medford when he spotted something standing in the road. Upon getting closer, the warden described it as the size of a man, but looked like a reptile and covered in greenish scales. As this warden drove closer, this creature then displayed a pair of wings and jumped or flew over the vehicle and landed back on the road behind the vehicle.

Deciding not stick around, the warden drove off. There was a rumor that another vehicle of witnesses experienced something similar at a different point in time.

This sounds crazy and I struggle to even believe it. But the fact that this was a game warden, someone who’s line of work involves working in law enforcement and with many different kinds of animals, makes you wonder what this individual really saw.

It sounds something straight out of “Jeepers Creepers”, which is enough to give you the jeepers….and creepers.

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