Meg Ann Lee: How You Can Shop Local For Your Holiday Gifts

It is that time of the year again when stores are full of green garland, glittering bulbs and that Mariah Carey song plays on repeat in the background. If you have ever worked a holiday retail job you know the feeling this song stirs up deep inside your soul.

Holiday shopping always throws me for a loop! What do people want? What do they need? What is the price limit? What if they don’t love their gift? What if they get two of the same thing?!


Well, I’m here to ease your holiday gift giving worries with a great suggestion, shop local!


This year has been hard on local businesses, so what better way to show your support than to shop local this holiday season. Did you know that over ½ of your dollar stays in your community when you shop local versus when you shop from larger chain companies? Shopping local also helps lower your carbon footprint and is better for our planet. Supporting small businesses in your area not only helps stimulate the local economy but it also means that your friends and family are receiving unique, memorable gifts this holiday season.

So now the question is where!?
Don’t worry I have you covered. I went to the coolest shops in downtown Eau Claire and did some digging for you!

Start your shopping spree by swinging into Northbound Coffee shop to grab a drink to keep you warm, their Café Campfire is fire. Next, start walking and pop in to all the small shops. There is everything from recycled clothing at Seven Suns Vintage, handmade jewelry from Hello Adorn, local art at Tangled up in Hue, vintage vinyl at Revival Records, trendy streetwear and boards from the Passion Board Shop and modern home goods from Red’s Mercantile.

I promise you will find a ton of amazing gifts for everyone on your list this season and if you’re not feeling up to shopping in the public just yet you’re in luck because a lot of these shops have their items listed on their website and can ship straight to your door step!

Amazon who?

I hope this article inspires you to switch up your holiday shopping routine and check out these great local shops!
Here are links to some fun local shops in Eau Claire to check out:
Tangled Up in Hue
Raggedy Man
Red’s Mercantile
Passion Board Shop
Hello Adorn
Odd Humyns

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