Meg Ann Lee: Where You Should Be Shopping For Your Lounge Sets

Has your office apparel taken a spot in the back of your closet? Do you find yourself in lounge wear 40+ hours a week? This post is for you!

Within the past year A LOT of us have started working from home. While it is nice being able to snack all day, keep the laundry going and spend extra time with our furry companions, our professional attire isn’t necessary. Working from home comes with many struggles but comfort doesn’t have to be one of them. Here are a few places to get some trendy lounge sets you can wear while you work from home!

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If you are looking for variety and want to try something out of the box without breakin’ your bank account, Shein is it! This shop is a fast fashion company and yes, you are buying medium to low quality apparel but it’s like $12 per item.

I’ve gotten several sets from them and they are S O F T .

Overall this company has a variety of clothing at low prices and I’ve had good luck with all of my orders but make sure to check the sizing chart!

Next let’s talk about off-price retail stores aka TjMaxx or Ross. If you like name brand workout clothes but don’t care about them being last season’s style (honestly, who cares about that) these off-price retail stores are perfect for you. They get new stock in weekly and I seriously have the best luck finding lounge wear and work out clothing from brands I love at a discount!

If you are anything like me, you’ve been living in tie dye for the past two years and you may or may not have taken your shot at DIY tie dying. Maybe it was a pair of socks or an oversized T-shirt. It’s all fun and games until your yellow mixes with your purple tones and all of a sudden it’s a muddy mess.

NO FEAR, KLEM TIE DYE custom tye dye is here.

Soft, cozy & stylish sets for you chillin’ on the couch finishing up your 40 hour week at home.

If you are working from home indefinitely I hope you are making the most of it in cool, comfortable clothing! <3
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