Meg Ann Lee: V-Day Makeup Tutorial

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you are going on a date night, chillin’ with your best friend or staying in watching romcoms, you can always have on some festive makeup!

So, this week I am bringing you some MAKEUP HACKS.
How to do a shadow eyeliner using tape, using a cream contour, adding a glitter under eye accent and even some face paint.

You know, real casual.


If you have known me for a while, makeup has always been a passion for me. I started doing creative makeup a few years ago and now it is one of my favorite hobbies! I enjoy creating looks for everyday makeup wearers, but I usually don’t stop there. Here are some products I love for wearable looks AND creative makeup looks.

I started out this tutorial with a Valentine’s Day inspired wearable makeup look you can create at home from your makeup collection! Then, I transitioned it into a creative makeup look. You can follow along while you get ready for your V-day festivities, learn a new trick and who knows, maybe you will add some heart art on your cheek! <3

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