Meg Ann Lee: Let's Talk About Hair Extensions

The most common question I get as a hair stylist is ‘what type of extensions are the best?’

Well, the best kind of hair extensions are the ones that aren’t obvious.

So when someone says “Hey, I love your hair!” You can be like Arianna and say ” Gee thanks, Just bought it!”

If you can tell you’re wearing extensions then something isn’t right. Color, length, texture or method all come into play when finding the best fit for you.

The best type of install method all comes down to personal preference, what is right for each individual head of hair and how precise the application is.

My best tip: DO YOUR RESEARCH.

You’re reading this article, so you have already started this step!
Call around to your local salons, browse Instagram posts, set up consultations, and read reviews before you commit to a stylist or an extension brand. There are so many different brands to choose from how do you pick?!?
Coming from someone who has been wearing different types of extensions for over 11 years let me share some of my favorites with you.

If you love an easy in and out hair application try clip ins or a Halo extension. My favorite clip in extensions are from Bellami. I love how they break down length, grams and also their color selection! Halocouture is another great professional hair company to ask your stylist about.

If you are looking for a semi permanent hair extension you have so many options! I love some Aqua or Hairtalk hair for tape ins and for my sew in wefts I love the Bellami volume wefts.

Most stylists will have their tried-and-true brands they love to buy from so take their advice on the brand/texture/color that is best for you.

If you want to know more check out my Hair Extension 101 video here and feel free to send me any hair extension questions <3

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