If 2020 taught me anything it's that the unexpected DOES happen and being prepared is key. Having a little security in your bank account feels amazing and it allows you to plan a life you want to live.

Whether your goals are saving up for a vacation or bulking up that retirement fund here are my 5 saving money tips!

Make a budget

If you ever have asked yourself " WHERE DOES ALL OF MY MONEY GO?" my advice is to write down or track it for a month. You will be amazed where you spend the money and how all the little things add up.
Making a budget is pretty easy, just take your income minus all of your bills and expenses. This will allow you to look at where you can cut back or change certain amounts of your spending.


When your tempted to impulse spend, don't but pretend you do!

I am a HABITUAL ONLINE SHOPPER. There are so many cool shops online and I love getting packages in the mail but could I honestly live without purchasing that $268 Free People shopping cart I just filled up? YES.
BUT somewhere in another dimension a different Meg Ann Lee would have hit that purchase button and she would've figured out how to budget that into her monthly spending. So I pretend I buy it! Put that exact dollar amount in the saving account and X out of that shopping cart. Boom! Huge impact on saving up for that summer festival I'm dying to go to!


Pick a type of money to save

If you pay with cash often it's really easy to lose track of how much your spending, so a nice way to trick yourself into saving cash is to pick out 5s or 10s and when you get change back, put that type of money in a secret stash spot. Just don't forget where you hide it!


Cut out ONE of your overspending habits

For me it is eating out. I LOVE a date night filled with my favorite IPA, fried pickles with ranch or an over-priced EatStreet order delivered right to me sitting on my couch. Short term sacrifice leads to long term gain. Pick one thing you over spend on and cut that out for a month and you will see a huge impact!


Find ways to make more money

We all have 10+ friends who are making or selling something, so JOIN THE TREND!

A side hustle does not have to be an MLM (although it can be!) think old school; Offer babysitting or cleaning services, do yard work for your elderly neighbor, or sell clothes you no longer wear. Small, odd jobs can bulk up your cash flow fast!


I hope these tips help you save up for that big purchase you've been dreaming about or a nice relaxing vacation you deserve! <3

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