As a hairstylist, I curl and straighten hair daily but on my own head? Not so much.

I'm a low heat kind of gal but my hair is straight and textured hair is IN right now.

So when I saw the 'heatless curl' trend making a rise again, I jumped on the band wagon. I ordered a few Amazon products to test out and I'm here to share my experience with you on how to create some curl in your hair heat free!


Heatless styles have been around for years. The first noted hair styling technique is hair braiding which dates back about 30,000 years! What happens when we take braids out? WAVES. So creating movement in our hair is nothing new but it is a technique a lot of us don't utilize.

The first thing I bought from Amazon to create waves were foam rollers . There are many options for sizes and shapes but the smaller the roller the tighter the curl.

I prepped my hair by doing a fresh wash, light bow dry, applying a leave in oil and a no blow dry cream .Then I got to ROLLIN!

Let me tell you as soon as I hit the pillow, I had mild PTSD as I was reminded of sleeping on rollers as a child! Let's just say Shirly Temple was a style icon to 7 year old Meg, but these are way more comfortable than the ones I wore in 1998.

The next heatless waver I got was this large head band curler. Honestly this was a little bit weird to maneuver at first but once you start wrapping, it gets easier. This style gave me a much looser curl than the individual foam rollers and was pretty comfortable sleeping on.

Some things to remember when you try this on your own is to always add in some sort of product to help the curl hold. It can be a gel or a cream. If you're looking for volume add in a root boost product before you blow dry. Make sure your hair is at least 1/2 way dry before putting in the rollers. Each time I attempted these styles my hair was still too damp in the morning.

(Maybe that is a sign I'm not sleeping long enough?)

And lastly, style it out! Pull your curls apart, use some smoothing oil or hair spray and rock those bouncy curls!

If you try out this type of style or these products I would love to see it. You can leave me a comment here or tag me on Instagram. Be sure to  check out my other wavy hair tutorial HERE <3

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