Why You Should Make A Summer Bucket List & How To Do It

Summer is right around the corner and I’m ready to make the most of it! This week I am sharing with you my summer bucket list and encouraging you to make one too!

I am sure you have heard of bucket lists or vision boards but what is the point of them? I think they are a great way to visualize goals. It can help you organize your intentions and start focusing your actions on gaining experiences or accomplishing goals that are going to fulfill your soul. Life is short and there is nothing better than the feeling you get when you take time to LIVE. The saying “work to live, don’t live to work” is 100% my 2021 MOOD.

So where do you start? I’m a pen and paper gal so I love lists, but it can be a Pintrest board, a collage out of magazine clippings or an actual bucket you put written ideas in. It does not matter the method just as long as you start somewhere.

Drawing a blank about what you want to do? Think of the last time you had fun. What were you doing and who were you with? What excites you and who makes you feel good when you are around them? This is a great way to figure out a few things to put on your list.
Your bucket list can also include work related goals! Mine does. There is nothing better than feeling accomplished. Being proud boosts your self esteem and increases life satisfaction and THAT’S the 2021 hot girl summer I’m trying to have!

Your ideas are too expensive? Check out my blog post on how to save money HERE. Small daily sacrifices will lead to long term gains. If you are wanting to take the trip of a lifetime figure out how you’re going to make it happen. Having a purpose and a goal is going to make picking up an extra shift at work or choosing to cook at home instead of ordering bite squad a lot easier.

So far these are my 2021 summer bucket list activities:

A music festival

A weekend at the lake fishing with my dad

Hitting up the local music events/food trucks in Eau Claire

Planting more plants on my deck (and keeping them alive)

Spending more time with the females in my life! #girlpower

Doing more special event makeup

summer 2021 bucket list I hope this sparks a little excitement in you so you can make the rest of 2021 be a year full of new experiences and amazing memories <3

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