Fridays are for the Food Trucks

One of my favorite things about living in the 715 is Phoenix Park and the plethora of events that are held there during the summer. Whether it’s live music, the farmer’s market, or in this case, Volume One’s, “Food Truck Friday”, Phoenix Park is always worth a visit.

This season’s first gathering of food trucks was held last week, and despite having just eaten dinner I was happy to make the short walk from my apartment to the gleaming dotted line of park-adjacent mobile kitchens. The usual cast was there, Live Great Food (See my second post), Olson’s Ice Cream, and Dhimiters were serving the community their own signature dishes. I was filled to the brim with the Livery’s Friday Fish Fry (a delicious topic for a later entry), so I had to be pretty selective when it came to the which truck taste’s I chose to indulge in.

In the end, the hip-hop themed menu at Smoke Stream won my dollar. The menu is short but sweet. Also, as if ordering from a food truck wasn’t fun enough already, at Smoke Stream you get to order via pun! For me, that meant two of the citrusy, tangy, spicy chicken tacos dubbed the “Tupaco-Tacos”. I will say that it was not an easy choice to make considering the “Macklemore”, a cheddar and herb bread-crumb topped mac & cheese that I’ll undoubtedly return for next week!

Just as appealing as all the delicious food at Food Truck Friday is the setting. The golden afternoon light in the park makes every reflective surface gleam. The breeze coming off the river keeps things from getting uncomfortably hot. I’ve been trying to hold off from referring to COVID-19, but after 5 entries I must say that it is splendid to see folks gathering again post-2020.

Eau Claire is gearing up for the summer-time. Personally I couldn’t be more excited. Food Truck Friday’s are the tip of the summer events iceberg; they’re only going to keep coming!

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Cheers, 715

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