Creating Batch Content For A Consistent Social Media Strategy

What is batch content? Well, if you are a business owner, an entrepreneur, a brand ambassador, or anyone trying to sell anything you should be batching content. I got to hang out with another small business owner and we spent all day creating content together!

In this post I’m sharing what we did and how you can do it as well to make your social media game stronger and less stressful! As Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.”


If you are doing any type of marketing, you need to have a defined purpose. Your posts should educate, inspire, engage, or entertain. For my first batch content day I chose to focus on styling outfits. I teamed up with Nicole, founder of GeminiXDenim out of Minnesota. She upcycles denim into custom pieces for resale, so an OOTD styling shoot was right up her alley. We rented out a space and got to shooting!

Here is our method: brainstorm ideas, plan, shoot the pics, edit and write out captions. We both brought our own cameras, extra batteries, and SD cards so we could keep our content separate. Having about 3-5 outfits was perfect for us to balance out time and switch up our locations. Location can be ANYWHERE. We rented out a photo studio for 2 hours that gave us some cool change of scenery, but you can batch content in your house or out on the street! My biggest tip is to take a lot of shots and video with different angles, so you have all the options when you go back to edit.


batch banner

How does this make life easier? Well, now you have a ton of content to choose from. Yes, you have editing to do and creating captions, but the hard part is taken care of. After editing I recommend getting a scheduling app so you can organize your IG feed in a great aesthetic that fits your brand.


Batching takes about 2-4 hours or a whole day! It really just depends on your content and how much you want to post per week. If you can plan 1 day a week or 1 day a month to focus on this I guarantee you will not be struggling as much day of to create a post that educates or inspires your following. I think it is also important to point out that a lot of people do this for their social media content. It is planned. It is curated. It is edited. It is rarely real daily life moments so just remember that when you are scrolling and that “comparison monster” shows up.


I hope this gets your creative juices flowing to create with a purpose, share with intention and engage with the community! <3

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