Easy Healthy Habits That Can Change Your life + Giveaway

I know we all fall victim once in a while to fad diets or trendy work outs but the key is to incorporate easy, healthy habits in your daily life to create long term change. I’ll start out this post by saying I’m no nutritionist and before making any big changes in your diet or work out regimen you should consult with your health care provider. That being said, here are a few easy healthy habits I’ve done that really help me stay on track! Be sure to check out the ending to get entered into our “Heathy Habits” giveaway.

First, let’s talk about sleep. When I was younger, sleep was something I thought I could “catch up on” but that is not really how it works. Now I try to always get 8+ hours of sleep. I recommend setting up a nighttime routine to get your internal clock used to your bed time. Check out THIS blog post to see more sleeping tips!

Next, let’s talk exercise. If there’s anyone who doesn’t enjoy a workout routine it’s me. The thing is you don’t have to go to a gym everyday, you just have to MOVE your body everyday. Go for a walk, a yoga class, stretch, go hiking or jump around to your favorite song. Whatever it is get your heart rate up and break a sweat a little bit each day!

Last but probably most important, is nutrition. I don’t think I’ve ever gone on a “diet” unless you count the few years I was pescatarian. Those few years taught me a lot about whole foods and what my body needed for fuel. No matter what I was eating I would add all the veggies I could and make that the larger portion of my meal. So that’s my last healthy habit tip for you, kick the processed foods and start adding in whole all natural foods, less sugar and more protein.


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To go along with my healthy habits post I sat down and chatted with one of the creators & owners of Fast Fuel. Dakota has always been passionate about healthy drinks. His mission is to have fast, fresh, healthy options that are “grab and go” style to fit in with consumers busy lives. Fast Fuel partners with a WI based farm and sources as locally as possible for their ingredients. He knows what you put in your body is important and wants to share his passion with his community.

We are giving away a Healthy Habits basket full of health accessories including a yoga mat, a water bottle, 4 juices from Fast Fuel and more!

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