How to Decorate Your Back to School Dorm Room or Apartment Space.

It’s back to school and for a lot of us that means a new home, a new room and possibly a new city! So this week we are talking all about decorating your new space to fit your lifestyle and personality.

First let’s talk tools. You are going to want to hang things up in your new space but so many rooms have restrictions. My tips are to look into 3M wall hooks but be careful because I have TOTALLY had these remove paint in my apartment. Try out some peel and stick wallpaper or wall art. This can add a lot of character to a bland room. My favorite place to find creative wall art is Target or Etsy. Last but not least Sticky Tac or Putty! This has been my #1 go to for hanging polaroid pictures and posters up in my living space for years. I once had an ENTIRE bedroom wall covered in magazine pages and when it was time to come down, no damage done to the wall; which I’m sure my parents were thrilled about.

Next let’s talk about adding some life into your room. Plants have always been cool but they have become so trendy these last few years. So liven up your space by adding in some actual living things. Plants are a great decoration but just remember to look up their care details. If you’re not great at keeping things alive I would recommend an aloe, a succulent of some sort or fake it because fake plants never die.

I created a few bedroom/dorm room mood boards for you! Which one do you vibe with the most?

If you are a granola hippie and a neutral palatte is your vibe : nuetrals Alternative.
When your soul is emo and your major is psychology: alternative. Girl Power.
If pink glitter runs through your veins: girly Vibrant Vintage.
Born in the wrong era but still thriving: vintage1

I hope this inspires you to create a space for yourself that supports your lifestyle and represents your unique personality! <3


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