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Anyone else feel like they have their life a little more together when their nails are done? It’s that extra selfcare step that just makes a girl feel in control. Not only do I feel like I have my whole life together but I also do finger guns awaaaaaay to often. So do I have my shit together? As Kanye said in his 2005 Grammy speech “I guess we’ll never know.”


This week we are breaking down nail care, sharing my Dip Powder Manicure experience with you and why I stopped getting acrylics years ago.

Why is nail care important?
We use our hands for everything, we touch millions of germs every day. Then, if you are like me, we usually touch our face. GROSS!

Getting our fingernails groomed and cleaned is important. Think of your nails like tiny little shields protecting your hands from bacteria and fungus. We have to keep them clean! Do you have to go to a nail salon to get this done? Of course not. However, it sure is relaxing to get pampered by a professional. If you are looking for an at home manicure set, here are some of my favorite items! And my dudes, you are not excluded from this. We all need nailcare.

Allergic to Acrylic?
I stopped getting acrylic nails YEARS ago because I developed an allergy to them. Who knew that was even a thing! I haven’t gotten down to the exact culprit that I’m allergic to but the google machine says it probably has something to do with the monomer used in the acrylic nail application.  When I decided to give dip nails a try, I honestly thought I would have a reaction but I did not! So now I am a Dip Powder Nail GAL!

My chemical sensitivity could be drastically different than yours so please consult your health provider if you are experiencing an allergic reaction.

For this service I decided to check out a nail salon I had never been to before. I checked out Indigo Nail Lounge here in Eau Claire, WI and had the best experience. My nail tech was Mainou, she made me feel confident in her skill set, provided a clean environment and gave me beautiful nails!


So here is your sign. Try a new nail salon, get your own DIY manicure kit and keep those little finger shields clean and healthy! <3

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