4 Areas Of Self-Improvement You Can Start Focusing On Today

September has us focusing back on our own well-being and growth. Last week we talked all about the “how & why” of self-care. This week we are shifting to another part of the “self”, Self-Improvement.

Growth is part of our human experience and self-improvement can be a tough topic for some of us! People say, “If you aren’t growing, you’re dying” and I agree.

Self-Improvement is the process of coming to terms with your weaknesses and faults, establishing goals to strengthen yourself in these areas and finding opportunities to build and learn on your journey.

I knoooooow self-reflection is hard sometimes but we MUST.

If you are looking for spiritual growth, there are so many books, podcasts and courses you can dive into. Some of my recommendations are The BlissTonic Podcast, The Balanced Blonde, The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins and Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. I love multitasking and listening to podcasts or audio books while I’m doing the other 20 things on my to do list.

If you are looking to improve in your finances, I love listening to The Budget Couple Podcast and watching The Financial Diet on Youtube. A millennial living in NYC getting out of debt?
Heck yes.

You can check out one of my previous posts on 5 Ways To Save Money for more financial tips.

I also recommend getting a financial planner! We really don’t learn enough about our finances and taxes in high school and unless you took business courses in college you probably are a little behind on what your 401k and investments should look like.

If you are looking for physical self-improvement look into creating a daily stretching routine! Did you know that stretching increases blood flow, boosts oxygen levels and helps deliver nutrients to your muscles?
*me waking up at 7am for a nice morning stretch from here on out*

If you are looking to open your mind, learn about different perspectives and cultures, then learn a new language! Adding a skill to your arsenal is one great way to dive into self-improvement. Check out Babbel, Rosetta Stone and Skill Share for more information.

Human connection is all about learning about each other, accepting our differences, growing together and focusing on self-improvement <3

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