Jumbo Peanut Square/Festival Foods

October 14th was National Dessert Day (yeah, I also didn’t know it was a thing until this year). Considering the subject of this series, I had to find a good dessert to enjoy for such an occasion. What came to mind was Festival Foods.

You may think: A grocery store? Absolutely — Festival Foods has gained a solid reputation for their bakery, and odds are good that you’ve purchased something (sweet, not-sweet) from their baked goods area. Of particular note: the glass case of specialty desserts. The ones your eye catches passing from the butter section pass the frozen vegetables and on the way to the checkout. I mean, come on — that’s some elaborate, delicious stuff beckoning you in there. It happens to me nearly every time I’m in one of their stores.

And one has always piqued my interest: the jumbo peanut square.

OK, what is a 4×5 square (rectangle?) of dessert covered in crushed peanuts? I often wondered what is inside. When I did dive in and get one of the delectable desserts, the jumbo peanut square would catch my gaze, but I would often steer towards something with chocolate, or carrots (cake, obviously), or red velvet something-or-other. This time, this National Dessert Day, I was going to try this stand-alone dessert.

I’m glad I did (of course I would). For starters, I’ll eat peanut butter with about anything, and unsalted peanuts are my prime go-to snack. Second, what you find under the peanuts is what makes the dessert: a thin layer of peanut butter-style frosting, covering a soft cake:

It is simultaneously a lot of dessert and not a lot of dessert; the cake is fairly light, and the frosting doesn’t overwhelm, yet you are full when you’re done. And, most importantly, you are satisfied. If you have a thing for peanuts and cake and cannot figure how to square the two, stop by Festival Foods and order up a Jumbo Peanut Square. And you needn’t wait for National Dessert Day 2022 to enjoy it.

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