Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Already Have In Your Closet

Coming up with costumes can be hard and it can get expensive! So this week we are talking about creating last minute Halloween costumes you LITERALLY have in your closet already.

I remember when I was younger coming up with costume ideas and almost always having everything I needed already.

I know it sounds crazy but you already have Halloween costumes IN your current wardrobe. So let’s dig and come up with some last minute ideas for you!

The 80’s
You could go a couple ways with this themed look; 80s aerobic workout instructor or 80’s rocker!
Pick some neon colored clothes to layer and tease that hair up; or go all black, leather jacket, studds and layer up that jewelry Madonna style! 80s Cowboy/Cowgirl
For this look, think denim, flannel and fringe. We live in the Midwest so if you don’t have a cowboy hat I bet at least one person in your life has one you can borrow! country Wild Animal
For this costume you can pick any animal print you own; a dress, a blouse or literally a leopard onesie. Then incorporate that print into your makeup or body art! animal Men in Black
Black suit, a tie and sunglasses. This has to be the easiest one and bonus points if you have a pug like Frank. meninblack A Skeleton
With this costume you could just wear all black or get creative, cut out a skeleton design in a T-shirt or do some fabric paint.A simple outfit paired with skeleton makeup is always a Halloween hit! skull

I hope this gave you all some ideas for your halloween weekend coming up. If you need a last minute costume, before you go out and drop your hard earned cash, dig in your closet and get creative <3

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