Hair Trends of 2021 and What Trends You Can Keep Wearing in 2022

If you’re new here; Hi, I’m Meg! My full-time gig is working behind the chair, supporting self-love and curating a look to promote confidence for my clients! Hairstyling has always been a passion of mine and I love diving into trends and WEARING THEM OUT lol.

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve seen feather extension, the wolf cut or curtain bangs BUT our social media platforms make these fads feel new and exciting. That is the fun thing about trends; They are always recycled, renewed and inspired by history.

If you know me you know I always say originality is dead. The concept of multiple discovery and the rabbit hole of synchronicity is so interesting but that for another blog post.

This week we are talking about hair trends we have seen during 2021, what we will be seeing in 2022 and if you should do them or not.

First, let’s talk about the Shag.
The Shag first hit the scene in the mid 60’s and got hella popular throughout the 70’s thanks to our badass babe Jane Fonda! This shaggy layered cut has survived the test of time by resurfacing here and there over the last 50 years but right now, IT’S THE LOOK to try out.
It has inspired layers, volume and haircut trends like the “WOLF CUT”

The “Wolf” cut is a reinvented shag, mixed with a mullet and influenced by Korean beauty trends. This haircut is also gender fluid. We are seeing every gender rocking this hair cut. This is why when I cut this hairstyle all I can see is a young prepubescent Jonathon Taylor Thomas in a Teen Beat poster; IYKYK.

shag haircuts Next, Buns and Bangs are here to stay!
I don’t think I’ve ever cut more bangs IN MY LIFE than I have this last year. Want to completely change up your look? Feel older and younger at the same time? Embrace your inner “New Girl: Jessica Day” ?
GET BANGS! Long, sweeping, effortless bangs are trendy and they are not going anywhere. We are seeing this bun and bang combo because it seems “effortless” and “thrown together” which goes hand in hand with the reemergence of the baggy, low key, 90’s aesthetic. bangs and bun hairstyle

Hair accessories came back this year HUGE.

Hair accessories have been utilized since the start of humans styling their hair. This trend is anything from feathers and scarfs to tinsel and clips. I think this trend will never actually die because it has deep roots in the history of different cultures but it resurfaces about every 10 years; then slowly fades into the background. So, will we see them in 2022? I think hair clips, chunky barrettes and scrunchies will stay because they are functional. For the other hair accessories, I think they will take a back seat after 2021.

That doesn’t mean YOU can’t do what you love with your hair accessories. Wear what you love!

hair acc

Other trends that we will be seeing in 2022: Middle parts are staying and straight, slicked down hair is making a comeback.

The most common question I get asked about fad haircuts and colors is “Will it work with my facial features?”

Here is a great reference chart to see what facial shape you have and what looks best with each shape.

If you look through this chart I agree with MOST of it but the thing is there is a difference between what will enhance your beauty and what you LIKE. Your hair should allow you to express yourself, be something that you love, and help you feel most like yourself and if that’s rainbow hair with feathers and top hat… I mean GO FOR IT GIRL!

I always say: If you feel confident in yourself and your look, people literally will not question you. Take it from a girl who usually has rainbow colors in her hair, wearing thrifted clothes and LIVING for trends.

I hope this inspires you to try a new haircut, a different hair color or dive into the world of hair accessories! My only advice is just because you see it on TikTok doesn’t mean you should DIY a haircut by yourself but also… live your life <3

faceshape 2

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