Legends of the 715: Andy North

When you think of golfer Andy North, you probably think of a couple of different things. One, he’s the dude on ESPN’s golf coverage. Two, he’s the guy that’s always at the Badger basketball games and he used to hang out with Aaron Rodgers at those games.

But did you know he’s also won a U.S Open, one of golfs four major championships, twice?

But maybe more impressive: He’s from the 715! That’s right. Andy North was born in Thorp, Wisconsin in 1950.

He later would graduate high school from Monona Grove High School and accepted a scholarship to play collegiate golf at the University of Florida. He turned pro in 1972 winning two U.S Opens (1978, 1985), three tournaments on the PGA Tour, one on the PGA Tour Champions circuit, and eleven other pro tournaments.

He joined ESPN in 1992 and has made a name for himself as one of the top golf analysts in the world.

And he was born in the 715!

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