Happy Holiday Season! The holidays are here and we will be indulging in parties, large meals and extra socializing. With that comes the "Holiday Hangover".
I'm talkin' alcohol, food and even social hangovers. Here are my best tips on how to overcome each one!

When it comes to alcohol, keep your water intake high during your party nights. This will slow down your alcohol intake and increase hydration. Try choosing drinks with low congeners. Studies show darker liquids have higher congeners so opting for drinks with vodka or a white wine will be a little easier on you in the am.

Having a hearty breakfast, the next morning or midnight snack to help level out your blood sugar may seem to help but the only REAL cure for a hangover is prevention AKA don't drink too much. If that does happen you're best bet is to plan a day of rest.

light liquids

I don't know about you but food coma after turkey and mashed potatoes IS REAL!
Salty foods can cause water retention and a temporary rise in blood pressure. So, like many other ailments, our best friend is water! Lots and lots of water.

It's pretty common for people to start diets and changing their habits in the new year but you can start now!

The best way to get over feeling those extra holiday pounds is to get your body moving. Add more walking and stretching into your routine. The key is to not be too hard on yourself! Negative thoughts about our bodies are easy to slip into but stressing about it won't change anything. Your mindset and actions will.

Lastly is the social hang over. Are you a person who gets drained easily by socializing?
Even though this is the time of year to spend more time with our loved ones, It's important to stay true to your wants and needs. That means it is okay to have boundaries. It is okay to say no. Allow yourself to recharge.

My favorite recharging activities are sleeping (obvi), reading a book and listening to music while I clean. I know cleaning itself isn't a recharging activity but the FEELING I get by accomplishing my to do list IS a recharger for me.

You can check out some of my other favorite selfcare activities HERE.

I hope this was a nice reminder that we all go through ups and downs. Having high expectations during the holiday season can make them even tougher. Over the next few months we have many obligations but remember to take time for yourself. This is your life and you can't pour out of an empty cup <3

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