New Year's resolutions. We all do it in some variation and what a positive thing! To set intentions and create plans for the year before us.
Last year I blogged about how to make your goals realistic, attainable and staying accountable throughout the year. You can read that HERE.
Honestly. It worked!
I set intentions, career goals and travel goals.
I kept track of myself.
I achieved.

So, this year we are doing the same thing. I'm speaking my intentions out loud.. or, typing them at least!
I talked about manifestation last year and this is where it starts. I want YOU to speak out loud your 2022 intentions. So, make sure to go all the way to the bottom and share with me in the comments YOUR goals and plans for 2022. Let's make it happen!

My Goals This Year:


Moving my work week into 4 days behind the chair. For the duration of my career all of my mentors told me "You have to be available behind the chair at night, on weekends and work 40+ hours a week"

The answer is no.

Now, that doesn't mean I'm changing my 'work hard play hard' motto; because if you know me you know I LOVE to work.

I'm just shifting energy into other aspects of my job and other ways of making money.



As I am getting older, I want to continue working on my physical health. Stretching daily and getting stronger is on my priority list this year.



This year was my first year working for myself. No more 1099s for this girl!

It came with a lot of extra responsibilities and added stress. So my goal this year is to focus on keeping a better balance, be able to disconnect from work when I need to so my mental health stays positive.



Every year I feel like I get less and less social in real life. So, this year I want to refocus on the friendships I have and put a little more effort into them. If I know you in real life and you are reading this, LETS HANG OUT. And I don't just mean meeting at the local bar for a drink. I want experiences! Traveling, music festivals or exploring a new hobby together.

What are your 2022 goals this year? I want to hear yours in the comments. Let's make 2022 the best year yet <3

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