6 Beauty Myths You Need To Know About

In the beauty industry there is so much information to sift through, so many contradicting instructions and loose rules on marketing. It is hard to know the truth. This week I am busting some common beauty myths!
We are talking about popping pimples, clean beauty, and does trimming your hair really make it grow faster? myth1

MYTH: Trimming your hair makes it grow faster.

Your hair grows from your scalp, out of hair follicles and in growth cycles, not from the ends. The saying should go: “trimming your hair keeps your ends fresher, preventing breakage. Which allows you to KEEP your length for a longer period of time,” But that’s a mouthful.

When you get a split end, it slowly travels up your hair shaft causing the breaking point to get higher aka shorter hair on your head.


MYTH: Nail polish harms nails because it prevents them from breathing.

Nails are dead cells made up of keratin. They do not “breathe”. Nail health starts under your skin. That’s why keeping your cuticles hydrated and healthy is important. If you are wearing gel or acrylics consistantly the most important thing is to not get moisture trapped underneath those. Your experienced nail tech will prevent that! If you are using polish consistently you may notice staining from certain polishes but that’s an easy fix. Try using a base coat before your darker polishes.


MYTH: “Clean Beauty”. Products that are organic, chemical free and effective.

What is clean beauty? It’s okay that you don’t actually know because there’s no true definition and it’s a complete marketing scam.

When we hear “clean beauty” we often see “chemical free” marketing but everything is made up of chemicals. You and I, natural human beings are made up of chemicals. If you are looking for a change in your hair or skin by using products, chances are you need a CHEMICAL reaction to produce the results.

I don’t make the rules, it’s science.

Are all chemicals okay for our skin and beauty products? No, but we need to stop immediately associating the word “chemical” with negativity.

If you STILL don’t feel comfortable with any chemicals don’t use any products. But then be happy with natural beauty and not societal beauty standards. You simply cannot look like J.Lo at 52 without chemicals. PERIOD.



MYTH: Popping your pimples is bad

Uuummm No. Releasing the pus is the right thing to do BUT timing is everything. If it is not inflamed enough, AKA ready to burst like a volcano on its own, forcing it with pressure will result in skin injury, bleeding, and scarring. To be safe we have been told popping pimples is bad because they knew we couldn’t be trusted!

Talk to your aesthetician about an extraction facial if you are experiencing a lot of acne or blackheads. An aesthetician or a dermatologist can set you up with a skincare routine that’s right for you!


MYTH: Your hair gets “used to the shampoo you’ve been using”

No. Your hair doesn’t have a mind of its own.
Your hairs needs have now changed because you solved the problem you were having. If you are experiencing dryness in your hair you may buy a very hydrating shampoo and conditioner. After using that for a few weeks or months your hair probably does not need all that extra moisture. That combo might even make your hair feel heavy or greasy. Now it needs a gentle everyday wash. Keeping a few different options on hand is key to keeping your hair needs met!


MYTH: You should color your hair when its dirty

Absolutely not.
I’m not saying you should do an exfoliating scalp massage before a root retouch; However, you should wash the day before your color appointment and skip any styling products so that you have a clean canvas for your color.

BONUS ROUND : TIKTOK HACKS -that aren’t hacks.

DIY bangs with craft scissors

If I had a dollar for every TIKTOK with a person cutting their own bangs with CRAFT scissors. There are SO many techniques but if you care about your bangs go to a stylist first, DIY the upkeep (and buy hair scissors).


Coconut oil hair masks

Leave the coconut oil for your body NOT your hair.


Using lip products (like chapstick) for eyeshadow/liners.

I have no idea why this is a hack. There are specific ingredient and color dyes that aren’t safe for your eyes. It’s not a hack and it doesn’t work.


DIY freckles with needle and ink

I SWEAR THIS IS ON TIKTOK. Absolutely not you guys. Can you say infection? If you want something like this consult with a local tattoo artist or put them on with self tanner? Henna? or makeup?


Setting your makeup with powdered sugar

WHYYYYY?! The girl who posted this has over 7.6M TIKTOK followers.

We live in an interesting world kids.


Hope this busted some beauty myths and warned you about TIKTOK beauty hacks. Remember not everything on TIKTOK is what we SHOULD be doing <3

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