2022 Spring Trends You Need In Your Closet

I love switching up my style with the seasons and May is finally here! So, this week I am sharing what I think are must have items for your spring and summer outfits. I recently went shopping (I know, weird right?) and here are the main things I’m seeing as upcoming trends for 2022:

Contrasting Sizes

This trend is all over our Instagram style influencer feeds. Pairing a small, fitted shirt or even a swimsuit top (sorry crop tops ARE still here) with baggy jeans or an oversized jacket/blazer.

Basics & Denim

90’s jeans are back and here to stay. High, mid and low rise are all going to be available in these more relaxed fits. I personally bought a pair of extra wide legged denim from Urban Outfitters and I feel like I’m back in my 5th grade JNCO denim. A MOOD.

baggy pants and oversized jackets


Streetwear as a whole is always trendy but we are really seeing streetwear influence high-end designers this year. I’m seeing bold pops of color throughout an entire outfit. Your shoes are green? Now your purse and earrings should be too.

It’s all about the details baby.


Cut Outs

An asymmetrical hem, creative cut outs and lace up details are coming back strong. Try this trend with a lace up sandal or a dress with side cut outs.


Y2k Revival

Yes! A Hillary Duff moment FOREVER.

Not all Y2K trends are coming back but you’ll notice small influences all over the place. Crochet, butterflies, smiley faces, tinted glasses, body chains and platform shoes.

I’m really here for this, not gonna lie.


My favorite way to create a personal style or aesthetic is to make a list of all the things you like. It can be colors, prints, moods, animals, foods, anything! Have this list in mind when you are shopping for inspiration. Example: I think snakes are terrifying yet very cool. I now have a handful of snake themed jewelry. It’s just a thing that I always wear and am attracted to buying.


The most important thing to do when you are creating your style is to dress for your personality and for your body type.  Who cares what is “cool” if it doesn’t express who you are and make you feel confident!  You wear the clothes, don’t let them wear you <3

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