How To Improve Your Social Media Content

Social media has changed our day to day lives. Social apps are how we digest news, shop for items, and stay connected with our friends. If you are on social media and want to either grow your audience or just develop an online aesthetic that reflects your personality, keep reading!


First and foremost, social media should be SOCIAL. You should be on it to have fun, create new relationships and enhance current ones.

If you run a business through your social media I know that posting and creating content can cause you stress or feel like a lot of pressure but it should be fun. If it is not fun, take a break. Your real life will continue without social media. I promise.

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If you are trying to focus on growth

Algorithms stay changing on the REGULAR so I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on that, but I do know 3 key things:

1. Stay consistent. Putting yourself on a posting schedule is a great way to do this. Create a content calendar and preschedule your posts. Honestly, easier said than done. I am currently still working on this myself.

2. Be involved with the trends but apply them to your life with a personal twist. An example is to use a tending or viral sound on TikTok/IG Reels. Then use it applied to a scenario in your life or business.

3. Be true to yourself. Don't just work with brands or businesses that do not resonate with you, your interests, and your integrity. This is going to show over time to your audience and it will keep your page authentic, so you attract the RIGHT viewers.

If you are trying to create a specific aesthetic or fit into a niche

This one is the fun one because it's the most creative part! I personally like to start this process by creating a Pinterest board. Start searching your interests, key words that describe your style, fonts you love or your favorite colors. After you've pinned about 40+ things, zoom out and look at your board. It should represent you and inspire your aesthetic or style in your posts.

You can also create a branding kit on Canva or PicMonkey by saving fonts, colors and templates that you can constantly use for your posts. This will create a cohesive look to your audience or customers and they will become familiar with your posts.

Choosing a niche to focus on will help brand your content. There are pros and cons to niching down on your socials but it is the fastest way to grow an audience because they will know what kind of content you consistently create.


Editing your photos and videos

Editing pictures is one thing that you cannot NOT do. I'm not talking about changing your facial features and creating a false persona but I am talking about adjusting angles, lighting and color enhancing. Think of your favorite people you follow on IG, 9/10 times they have a curated feed with presets and edited content. A lot of Influencers even SELL their presets through the Lightroom editing app so you don't even have to be good at photo editing. Check out my Lightroom editing tutorial on our TikTok!

Which editing apps to use?

There are so many to choose from and honestly with a little practice using them most of the options are going to give you the results you want.

Here are my favorite apps for editing my videos:




Here are my favorite apps for editing my pictures:








@959jamz How i edit my IG pics! Most of my presets are from #cherryphotoclub check out for more social media tips!! #socialmediatips #tiktokbeautyblogger #editingtips #lightroom #editingapps #photoangles #photoedits #fyp #tiktokbeautyblogger #picsart #igediting @Lightroom @lightroom #lightroomtutorial #wiblog ♬ Summer day - TimTaj

I hope this stirred up some creativity in you and inspired you to start creating art with your images, be authentic with your posts and have fun on social media <3

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