Is My Kid Normal?

Kids are weird. They do and say the strangest things and they all develop different skills at different times. It may leave you to wonder the question we have all asked ourselves, "is my kid normal?"
When they are babies we are comparing our kids' development to the baby of Becky down the street who has to constantly brag about how her kid is already speaking full sentences at 12 months. First of all, the kid is probably just stringing together a bunch of syllables that remotely sound like words. Stop comparing the progress of your children.
Kids are all different. They learn to walk, talk, run, read, etc, at different times. I remember freaking out because Trent wasn't potty trained as fast as my friend's and he ended up just potty training himself at the end. They will learn. I promise. Stop turning to that mom Facebook group for advice. They are not licensed physicians and are only comparing their experience to yours. Don't put your faith in random moms on Facebook and call your doctor if you are seriously concerned.


While one child may be incredible at math, yours may be a great writer. Maybe you have a little scientist or maybe you have an artist. Maybe the right side of the brain is more prominent than the left. That's ok. The best thing you can do is guide them and let them find their own way, which they will. And someday when they become the next president, or win an oscar or the nobel peace prize, they will thank you for believing in them no matter what.
Stop asking "Is my kid normal," and start asking, "what are my kids strengths?"

<3 Bri