Let’s Take a Trip: Colorado

“Hopped off a plane at D.E.N.

With a bag and hiking boots.
Welcome to the land of THC and huge mountains”

Haha I hope you sang that like Miley Cyrus singing “Party In The USA”

You know those vacations where you sleep in, don’t wear any makeup, and hike a mountain? That was my Colorado trip in a nutshell and I highly recommend it! Here are some of the things I did on my trip and also some spots for you to check out if you’re planning a Colorado trip.

Thrifting in Denver

You guys know I can’t travel without a little thrifting. We hit up Plato’s Closet in some swanky neighborhoods and scored some awesome finds! They literally had a whole rack of Free People items and Freebird shoes *DROOLS*

Want to see how I style my thrifted pieces? You can find it HERE!

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One of my favorite meals of the day! Here are some awesome places to grab morning fuel on your Denver vacation:


Most of my traveling is based off of music festivals . I love a concert!

Hiking in Idaho Springs

I’m not going to lie; This was my first official glacier hike! We took a little road trip to Idaho Springs to hike St. Mary’s Glacier. Once we made it to the top there was a small lake where people were cliff jumping and hammocking. It was BEAUTIFUL!

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After the hike we were hungry! We drove into town to stop at Beau Jo’s pizza. It made my top 5 pizza places of all time. That means a lot if you know me because I’m obsessed with pizza. I even have a pizza tattoo!

After Pizza we walked around to a few local art shops. They had insane art, tie dyed clothing, handmade jewelry and friendly staff. I upgraded my incense holder and got some new stickers for my collection.

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my vacation! If you have never been to Denver or the mountains, I highly recommend  <3


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