Mysteries of the 715: The Water Street Snake

Like many of you, I’m a true crime and mystery enthusiast. I grew up loving Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack and if there is a good true crime documentary or a good paranormal show on, I’m watching it!

So it got me wondering: What kind of unsolved mysteries have been reported around the 715 area code?

Apparently, a lot.

So, let’s feature some of these. We’ll chat about cold cases, true crime, paranormal, and just weird stories. Like this one I’m about to tell.

To kickoff this series, we’re throwing it way back. In fact, were going over 100 years back.

The year is 1906 in Eau Claire. Residents and people on Water Street have spotted a weird creature. No, it’s not that person who came stumbling out of the bar at closing time this past weekend. This one is more of reptilian nature.

According to the Leader Telegram in 1906, a large black snake has been spotted by many Water Street residents. But not just an ordinary 6 foot snake. This snake apparently has a mouth “as wide as a crocodile” and “the body size of a kangaroo”.

I hate snakes. Snakes are probably number one on my list of stuff that creeps me out. But to make this worst, this snake was apparently intelligent. Apparently almost “wise enough to talk”. Whatever that means.

This snake also allegedly spent time lounging in front of the Water Street fire hall and some residents even witnessed this snake climbing, or I guess slithering, up a telegraph pole.

According to the write up in the Leader Telegram, the city talked about sending for a former alderman, Martin Page, to capture this snake because he is the “hero of volumes of snake stories.”

But that’s the last we’ve ever heard about this snake monster who resides on Water Street in Eau Claire.

Now I love old time newspaper stories. The way they can describe events, people, and happenings is an art form that is long gone.

But this story is just so far out there for me to believe. I’m sure there was a 6 foot snake spotted, but the other characteristics of this thing seem so far out there and extremely dramatized.

But maybe the next time you head out to Water Street in Eau Claire, keep an eye out for snakes.

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