Picking Battles

I know you have heard the phrase "pick and choose your battles" before. Who knew that it would apply so much to parenting. I feel like I am constantly battling with the kids over stupid stuff. My biggest pet peeve is when they decide to wear 4 different types of patterns. I have had to learn to bite my tongue so many times and just say "you look beautiful" instead of "what in the world are you wearing right now?"

I have crazy OCD. I get awful anxiety when things aren't put away neatly and it looks cluttered. I have labeled bins and specific places for everything. Becoming a parent or even getting into a serious relationship teaches you that not everyone thinks the same way as you. As long as their room isn't disgusting and you can see the floor who really cares if everything is just shoved in a toy box?


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Queen of mismatched clothes

As parents we are supposed to be directing our kids, but there is such a thing as too much direction. Helicoptor moms don't come at me. How can kids learn and find who they are if we are constantly criticizing everything they do? Let them wear the mixed patterns even if it's painful. Let them create art and try baking and let them make a giant mess. They can clean it up after. They are only kids once and they will always remember if you were supportive or combative about everything. If you are scared of what the other parents will think, screw them. While the Karens of the world have miserable, clean children you will have messy, happy ones.

<3 Bri