Banbury Place

When you think about reported haunted locations around the Eau Claire area, there are a few spots that constantly pop up in Google searches or conversations amongst the locals.

Banbury Place is one of those.

A little historical background on Banbury Place. It opened in 1917 as the Gillette Safety Tire Co until it closed in 1992 under the name Uniroyal. Besides manufacturing tires and a few select other rubber items in their early years, during Word War 2 it transitioned from making tires to making ammunition.

The plant closed in 1992 and was bought that same year and renamed Banbury Place and repurposed into a multi-use, multi-tenant complex.

Since then, ghost stories have been popping up all over the place surrounding Banbury Place.

The most popular ghost stories at Banbury Place surround building number 13, where the story goes that it is haunted by an individual who was electrocuted and passed away there. Reports of seeing ghostly and shadowy figures, hearing sounds like a person moaning or screaming, to objects being moved have all been reported. There’s even been reports that people hear sounds of a mysterious air conditioner (that is no longer there) running.

Have you experienced any ghostly encounters while at Banbury Place? Let us know!

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