The Disappearance of James Liedtka

It’s been four years since the disappearance of James Liedtka and there are still no answers to where or what has happened to him.

The former UW-Stout student and veteran was last seen in the early morning hours of November 4, 2018.  A surveillance camera caught him at 1:13 AM walking east on Water Street towards the bike trail behind the Pickle Tavern in Eau Claire. Earlier that evening, he had been out to various bars on Water Street with friends. He reportedly had telephone contact with one of those friends at 12:25 AM, but that was the last anyone had heard from James.

Reports have indicated that the police were able to GPS coordinate his phone that led police to the 1100 block of Menomonie street near the Chippewa River.

that’s about all the information and clues we have. There have been many theories, rumors, and speculation on what could of happened, but nothing has manifested.

The lack of clues, evidence, and information on the disappearance of James is no doubt disturbing. It’s almost as if he completely vanished without a trace.

If you have any information, please contact the Eau Claire Police Department at 715-839-4972.

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