Mysteries of the 715: The UFO Capital of Wisconsin

Every last full weekend of July in Elmwood, Wisconsin, the town celebrates it’s annual “UFO Days”. But do you know the reason how it got its name?

Elmwood lays claim to the “UFO Capital of Wisconsin” along with a couple of other towns in Wisconsin (Belleville and Dundee). But the stories that come out of Elmwood and their UFO history will leave you eyeing the sky every time you visit or drive through this community.

There have been dozens of reports and stories, but the most famous one to come out of Elmwood is from police officer George Weller’s sighting and encounter with a hovering craft that was spotted above the limestone quarry on Tuttle Hill in 1976.

If don’t know the whole story, you can read George’s encounter here. It includes what he witnessed and his report of his vehicle being hit by a “blue ray” coming from the UFO.

Because of the sightings in the 1970s, there was even a proposed multi-million dollar, illuminated UFO landing strip. That never got built.

So what did George see and experience? All I know is the next time I see a strange light in Elmwood, Wisconsin I’m not brushing it off as just simple nonsense!

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