Is There a Bigfoot in These Woods?

It seems like everywhere you drive someone has a Bigfoot in their yard.

Of course I’m talking about those metal or wood cutouts that make you do a double take every time you drive by.

Or now there’s even Bigfoot swag and items you can purchase in stores. Posters, mini figurines, stuffed animals, golf club covers (I may or may not have one of those).

But is there an actual, real Bigfoot? At best, it’s debatable. I haven’t seen one, but a lot of other people out there claim to have seen one. Or maybe some foot prints. Or heard one.

That seems to be the case in the Rice Lake and Blue Hills region in Barron and Rusk County. Back in 1997, there was an article in the Pioneer Press about an investigation in the Rice Lake area done by Brad Mortensen of the U.S. Expedition and Exploration Society after footprints were reported to be found. He said the tracks were between 16-17.5 inches long and 8 inches wide and Mortenson indicated he started to receive more reports about possible activity in the Blue Hills area after a news article came out about his work with the society.

And a quick Google search will show you countless other alleged Bigfoot sightings, hearing sounds that are supposedly of Bigfoot, photos, videos, and tracks all across Wisconsin and the 715 from many different people. In fact, if you go to you can see uploaded reports by people, by county in the state of Wisconsin. No reports uploaded for Chippewa or Eau Claire county though!

But yet, no body of an alleged Bigfoot as been discovered. That we know of at least.

So what side of the aisle are you on? Do you believe in Bigfoots? Do you believe they could be a new species yet to be discovered? Or a species that was once thought extinct? Or do you believe its just cases of misidentification, like a bear?

Regardless, the next time you’re driving and you spot a Bigfoot in someone’s yard, don’t think it’s just one of those cutout yard decorations. Do a double take to just make sure it’s not the real thing!

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