Mysteries of the 715: Michael Noll

Like many college students, Michael Noll went out to Water Street in Eau Claire to celebrate his 22nd birthday on November 6, 2002.

Unfortunately, that would be the last time anyone had seen him alive.

After leaving a bar on Water Street around 11:30 PM on November 6, 2002, he was last seen entering a residence that wasn’t his, but near his home. The woman talked Michael into leaving the house, but he apparently dropped his hat. To confirm this was Michael, the hat was identified as Michaels.

The residence he was reportedly last seen at and his home are near the Chippewa River. The police focused their search efforts around the Chippewa River and cadaver dogs allegedly hit on areas entering the river near Michael’s home. But nothing was found. Until a few months later and this is where it gets stranger.

On March 25th a couple spotted a body sticking through the thin ice on Half Moon Lake in Carson Park. A different body of water and in the wrong direction of where Michael lived and was last seen.

Authorities had checked Half Moon Lake early in the search process, but found nothing at the time. Authorities have not suspected foul play and the official cause of death had been ruled freshwater drowning.

So how did Michael, who lived near 1st Avenue and was spotted on Oxford Avenue (which is near first avenue) end up in the other direction? Maybe Michael just got turned while he was trying to find his way home. Regardless, it’s tragic loss for the Noll family.

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