At Home Fitness Gear Reviews

Getting sucked into impulse purchases is something I’m really trying to avoid in 2023. However, I did recently purchase a bunch of at home fitness gear from yoga mats to resistance bands and I’m here to review it for you!  So, you can decide for yourself, if you need to “smash or pass” on the items.

Gaiam Yoga Mat

A workout mat is a great start to your at home work out gear collection. Scoring a 4.7/5 with over 13,000 reviews on Amazon. This one is great because it is affordable, has an easy grip, non-slip surface and comes in so many colors!

Personally, I don’t always grab a yoga mat when I’m at home working out. However, I do always use one at the gym!


Pilates Bar

This is an amazing tool if it’s made well and you utilize it. 4.3/5 with over 1,000 reviews on Amazon. Many of the reviews said the measurements didn’t work for them and it wasn’t adjustable, so, I’m not sure how it still has a 4.3/5 star rating. Make sure you look at how the equipment works for different heights with adjustable weight/strength options because this might not be made for you. I have one and NEVER use it.


Naturyl by Niykee leggings

We all saw the TikTok leggings trend last year, but these are, by far, better IMO. Less tacky and more flattering. 10/10 in my book.


Amazon Workout Sets

These sets are somehow rated 4.5/5 on Amazon. I ordered a few colors and kept two solely based on the color. I returned the rest. They are made cheaply, and the light colors are see through. If you get them based on color options, I get the hype for a $30 set but my advice is spend the extra money on something of quality material you can actually work out in and that fits your body. 



Resistance Bands 

I don’t know why I didn’t have these in my collection before, but I love these.

There are a lot of options online and you can’t really go wrong but my advice is to look for bands that won’t slip easily. These specific ones scored a 4.7 /5 with 31,000 reviews on Amazon. I of course bought the pink pack.


Sweet Sweat Band

The reviews on these are MIXED.

One thing I will say about this body band is it makes me sweat. A LOT. Sweating is great but the thing about sweating for weight loss is that it is temporary and it cannot be targeted to a particular body part. This may go around your tummy, but it cannot make you lose weight specifically around this area. Sweating IS a good thing when you work out and I do love this thing, however, THERE IS A CANCER WARNING on the package. I did not see this until I received it. It does state that the amount is within legal regulatory use.  You can read more about the chemical risk HERE  and about the brands chemical regulations HERE . I do like the concept of this, so, if they could make a chemical free version STAT, I’d appreciate it.



I hope these reviews helped you if you are looking to add some things into your at home work out accessories <3