Mysteries of the 715: Stones Throw

Who hasn’t been to the Stones Throw in Eau Claire, right?

Whether it was seeing a musical act or just hanging out and grabbing a beverage, most of us reading this have probably spent some time in the iconic Eau Claire establishment.

But did you know you might have also been hanging out with a ghost?

That’s been the rumor now for decades. Stories of hearing voices and footsteps are common. There’s always been stories of beer bottles being shattered and some people have even mentioned seeing a ghost of a man.

So if Stones Throw is truly haunted, who is it haunted by?

Nobody knows. There’s stories of a man who hung himself in the early 1900’s. There’s also a rumor that a man was murdered there and that could be the ghost who haunts the Stones Throw.

Whenever you Google haunted locations in Eau Claire, Stones Throw is always near the top of the list and that’s because of the sheer volume of reports and sightings that have happened for years now.

The question is: Have you experienced anything at Stones Throw? The next time you head there, it might be a good idea to pay extra attention, because who knows what you may see or hear!

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