Women’s History Month Book Recommendations

Hey everyone, it’s Meg Ann Lee, it’s finally March and that is my favorite month! Why?

1. Because it’s my birthday month (Look out for a birthday travel post soon!)

2. It’s Women’s History Month and I love celebrating womanhood.

So, this week I’m sharing with you some book recommendations that celebrate women or are written by some inspiring females. All pictures are linked for you <3

Books about leadership

Books about finding your voice and intuition

Finding a place in the workplace

Pushing boundaries

A few things that have made my reading journey more convenient are my kindle, kindle unlimited and audible. I love having a subscription with thousands of books at my fingertips. With my audible subscription, I get 1 store credit per month to buy a new book each month, which is perfect if you are involved in a book club like me. You can find the rest of my reading recommendations and accessories HERE. Happy reading and happy Women’s History Month <3