Dopamine Glam Makeup Trends You Can Try

Getting bored with your makeup routine? I was looking up projected makeup trends for 2023 and one category that caught my eye was coined “Dopamine Glam”.  I had so many questions and I am sure you do to.

What is the “Dopamine Glam” trend?

The term was coined by Beyonce’s makeup artist, Sir John. This makeup trend is bright neon colors, unconventional placement, bold lips, rhinestones, and abstract shapes. Using colors that make you FEEL good, hence the dopamine name.

When we see trends come up in any industry, we often see the opposite rise at some point soon after. This may be the anti “clean girl” aesthetic trend we all needed.


How to make the trend your own?

If you see a trend and immediately think “I could never pull that off”


2. It’s because you’re looking at it all wrong.

You can take any trend and change it slightly to fit your style. With this makeup look I suggest doing small changes first! Try going more bold with your lip color, wear your favorite color as eyeliner or add a small rhinestone detail to your eyes.

@meganlee77 Anyone heard of #dopaminemakeup ? Bright colors are just the tip of the iceberg!! I went with an orange eye & a bold lip 💋 #colorfulmakeup #neonmakeup #sunsetmakeup #glowymattefoundation #highlight #fyp #auric #kyliecosmetics @rarebeauty @makeuprevolution @maccosmetics @officialiliabeauty @nyxcosmetics #nyxcosmetics @benefitcosmetics #benefitbrowsearch #dopaminemakeup ♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) – CKay

A few of my favorite products for this trend:

Next time you are doing your makeup make sure to wear one of your favorite colors and see how it improves your mood <3